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Welcome to the website of Kent based Rolling Stones cover band, Stoned!


Playing the classic material of the Rolling Stones from the very early days in the 1960s right up to the bands latest recordings.  Every song is recreated as authentically as possible, even using the same open tunings Keith Richards is known for on many of the hits.

Stoned are a band of accomplished musicians, with vast experience in playing all types of shows from small pubs to large outdoor festivals – Weddings & Birthdays to New Year celebrations.  Available for bookings now!

Live demos are available – including CD recordings, YouTube videos and even the live performance DVD
‘Stoned Live at the Iwade Rock Festival 2016’ which captured our performance at one of Kent’s biggest biannual rock festivals, in front of an audience of a reported 3000+ people.

For details of any of Stoned’s recordings & demo’s, or for general enquiries and bookings, contact us by email today!



Steven Wood .. Vocals

Simon McIntyre .. Drums

Ian Fletcher .. Guitar

Fred Russell .. Guitar

Pete Goddard .. Bass Guitar


Stoned were formed in January 2012 by vocalist Steven Wood.

Rehearsals started within a couple of weeks and the band soon began to realise that there was a chemistry developing in the music.

By 2019 Stoned had really perfected their sound, some line up changes ultimately leading to even more authenticity and establishing the band as one of the leading Rolling Stones cover bands around.

The band would like to thank you all for your support.

Meet The Band


Steven Wood (Woody) – Vocals

Steven is the founding member and frontman of ‘Stoned’, his hard rock originals band ‘Clear Water’ who have been active since 2014 and of whom he is also songwriter – plus the Velvet Revolver tribute band ‘Velvet Revival’. “My early musical influences came mainly from my older brother Colin. When I was growing up in the late 80’s, early 90’s he would play CD’s of all the big rock bands of the time – Aerosmith, Guns N’ Roses, Nirvana etc and I developed a passion for this kind of music too. My dad gave me his old LP collection and I was blown away by bands like Led Zeppelin and Thin Lizzy. I later discovered Blues too and inevitably, the Rolling Stones. They seem to embody everything I love about rock music and I’ve followed them ever since. In my teens I had a band called ‘Clear Water’ with my brother Rick and friends Darren Miller and James Mills. When that drifted apart I was left for years as a frustrated Karaoke singer – until late 2011 when I decided to get back into the bands scene. After initial attempts at the time to reform ‘Clear Water’ failed, I advertised on-line for musicians to put together a Rolling Stones cover band and in January 2012 we met up for the first time.”


Ian Fletcher – Guitar (May 2014-March 2018 and May 2019-Present)

Known for his impressive Mick Taylor style, Ian has become a major part of Stoned’s authentic sound.  A true Stones fan with great knowledge of their material and equipment, Ian is also an accomplished songwriter in his own right and a successful author.  A brief departure in 2018, he is back in the band now and better than ever.



Fred Russell – Guitar

Freddy joined the band in July 2016, replacing Adrian Pounce.  Living in Dover Kent, but hailing from the North West of England, he cut his teeth on the Stones in the 70’s and 80’s.  His early influences of Rock & Roll were realised when Chuck Berry performed his tongue in cheek brand of Rock and Roll, including the track ‘My Dingle a Ling’.  Fred’s yearning to play guitar and songs like ‘Johnny Be Goode’ was the starting block, and it was the R&B of the ‘Rolling Stones’ that was the catalyst to hitting that first riff.  Stretching his relative immaturity to the likes of the late great, ‘Alvin lee’, ‘Cream’, ‘Free’, ‘Faces’, ‘Santana’, and indeed later on ‘Jimi Hendrix’ and anything that created a buzz, the better the lick, the bigger the kick.  Learning and playing these classics was a complete escape for Freddy, which drove his determination and imagination to realise a dream.  By the mid to late 70’s Freddy’s influences were embedded solidly in the Rock genre and he became a regular on the pub rock circuit around Manchester and Liverpool, playing R&B with weekend residencies in the seaside towns of Blackpool and Morecombe.  Playing sometimes up to 4 nights a week and getting the odd support slot with ‘Her and Now’ and ‘Scorpions’.  Fred recalls one notable potential slot supporting ‘The Climax Blues Band’ in Newcastle at the City Hall, which due to logistical reasons was unfortunately impossible to coordinate at the last minute.  They were told the next day that a local band called ‘Dire Straits’ had taken the Gig instead.  The rest is history as they say..  By the 80’s along with the other guys in the band, Freddy took a leap of faith by packing in his day job and embracing his musical career.  Initially playing 60’s, 70’s & 80s covers, in bars and rank messes for the Allied forces bases in northern Germany for 6 months at a time, and on return they worked hard to establish an identity as ‘Spellbound’.  In his late 20’s it was becoming harder for Fred to maintain a living in the music business.  He married and started a family and decided to pursue an opportunity to go back to Electrical Engineering.  He relocated down to Kent and started a new life, whilst maintaining his musical links in the Northwest.  Even after 25 years of playing, his enthusiasm for his guitar hasn’t dulled and his mission is to help ‘Stoned’ deliver the music of the Rolling Stones – arguably the most notable, recognisable and outstanding R&B of the last 50 years.  Enjoy the ride along Route 66!



Simon McIntyre – Drums

Simon is an original member of the band.  “My musical journey started at a young age, mostly being bombarded with classical music from my parents and radio 2 from Grandma. My brother Paul would also blast out Black Sabbaths’ Sabotage album and Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon from his attic bedroom and dad would pull the fuse out and the turn table would stop. I would have been about 10 when I remember the first song on the radio that really got me and I wondered who was making that magical sound? They must be very magical people I thought to myself. Years later I discovered it was Riders On The Storm by The Doors, I still think it’s cool. At around 17 I tried the guitar but soon realised I hadn’t got the patience. I wanted it to be instant and play like Jimmy Page already, ‘what would be more me’ I thought? I got some drums that were already ancient but they made a good noise and soon met up with people to jam with down in mum and Dads cellar, we locked ourselves away jamming to endless renditions of Masters Of The Universe by Hawkwind.  My mate Alan was a punk fan too but boy was he the best rhythm guitar player ever. Alan is up there jamming with the Disciples now; his life cut short rest his soul. The first real band I played in was ‘Captain Can’t’ and we were an instrumental 3 piece who made a big sound with covers of Led Zeppelin and Tool. We won a battle of the bands at a school which was cool because we dared to try something different and the kids loved it, we were pretty confident just experimenting mostly. ‘Floyd in the Flesh’ who is a Pink Floyd covers band is the group I really learned how to play in again, however after 3 years and the same old gigs I soon tired of it. I felt a musical chemistry was also lacking but there were some powerful shows at times. Answering an ad on Kent Gigs I met up with a group of guys wanting to cover Rolling Stones songs. A change of style but one I was willing to take and an immediate rapport too we had our first jam and it was very positive. So here I am behind the drums and feeling at home, the journey has come this far and I am a happy man.”


Pete Goddard – Bass Guitar

‘Pete Serious’ became Stoned’s fourth bass player when he replaced Paul Skingley in May 2019. A very talented and experienced performer and musician, Pete has been active on the music scene for a number of years and is also seen in Steven’s originals band ‘Clear Water’ and his folk band ‘Still Life Drama’.


Past Members

Paul Fox (Bass Guitar Jan 2012-Aug 2012)

Former ‘The Bresslaws’ bass guitarist Paul Fox was an original member of Stoned, part of the band from the very first rehearsal through to his final gig at The Aviator Beer Festival ’12 and plays on the first Stoned EP ‘The Roadhouse Sessions’. Paul was a big part of getting the band up and running and is currently involved in other projects.

Darren Cast (Bass Guitar Aug 2012-May 2016)

Darren owns the bands usual recording studio and rehearsal room, The Roadhouse Recording Studio, in Sheerness, Kent. Darren was a huge part of Stoned for a number of years, after replacing original bassist Paul Fox. He can be heard on the recordings ‘Let Me Bleed’ and ‘Get Yer Live Licks Out’. He is currently involved with other projects.

Paul Skingley (Bass Guitar May 2016-May 2019)

Paul joined the band in May 2016 replacing Darren Cast and played in the group for 3 years until his departure in May 2019, when Pete Goddard joined the band.  Paul is a vastly experienced musician currently involved in various projects and tribute acts.

Glen Smith (Guitar Jan 2012-May 2014)

Glen was an original member of Stoned and a key part of the bands early success. Vastly experienced in performing and writing music having played in numerous bands, most recently ‘Souled Out’ before joining Stoned. He left the group in May 2014 for personal reasons having played on both Stoned CD’s ‘The Roadhouse Sessions’ and ‘Let Me Bleed’. Glen is currently working on new projects.

Mark Simpson (Guitar May 2014-Aug 2015)

Mark replaced original rhythm guitarist Glen Smith and was a member of ‘Stoned’for just over a year, appearing on the bands live album ‘Get Your Live Licks Out’.  Mark is currently the songwriter and frontman of Heavy Metal band ‘Shameful Behaviour’ and the guitarist for rock covers band ‘STYG’.

Rob Jenks (Guitar Jan 2012-May 2014)

Rob was part of the Stoned line up from the beginning until May 2014 when he left and was replaced by Ian Fletcher.  Rob left for personal reasons at the same time as Glen Smith, their departures were unrelated.  He was a key part of Stoned’s authentic sound early on and features on both Stoned CD’s ‘The Roadhouse Sessions’ and ‘Let Me Bleed.’

Adrian Pounce (Guitar Nov 2015-June 2016)

Adrian joined the band replacing Mark Simpson in late 2015 and played with the group for a short time until the early summer of 2016.  He currently plays in another Rolling Stones tribute act ‘Not The Rolling Stones’.

Jerry Curtis (Guitar March 2018-May 2019)

Jerry joined the band in 2018 replacing long time guitarist Ian Fletcher. He brought an authentic sound to the band and played live with Stoned for over a year before Ian’s return.



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